ARTHUR & THE SPOONERS / Germany-Berlin

Official Concert Booking

Arthur & the Spooners


"Berlin based Rhythm & Oi! from Brixton to Kingston"

Founded in 2007, Arthur & the Spooners have spooned up close to 30 gems from several decades of ska, reggae, hardcore and Oi! music until now. The band's concept is simple but their style truly unique. Who has seen one of their rare concerts knows that they are a good time guarantee on stage!

Their upcoming second album 'Skinhead Spoonstomp' is soon available on Contra Records.

The band wants to play abroad and is looking forward to gig offers from around Europe!

If you wanna book us please get in touch with
Master Brille at info@pogorausch-concert !

See you and let's sing along ...


"See you and let's sing along ...

Arthur & the Spooners on the stage today
Spoonigans heaven both home and away
Singing and dancing to the Rhythm & Oi!
All you girls grab a boy
Feel the noise go over the line
Let’s get wild now it is the time"

(from the song 'Spoonigans Heaven')


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