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POGORAUSCH postponed - again!
Pogorausch postponed to 2021.

Some people were asking, some rumors were spread, while people were still buying tickets…

Until now we hoped to do Pogorausch 2020 as planned, but at the end of the day it's to risky to host a party like we did in the past. We don't know yet if all the bands from overseas would really be able to come and we don't know yet how many people will be allowed to attend the festival due official restrictions… It's just to risky, a huge part of the costs have to be paid in advance. Finally we decided to move with the festival into the next year. 2020 has fucked us all! We already have confirmations done for a great 2021 edition and working on some real highlights. Purchased tickets keep their validity in 2021. More infos and news about Pogorausch 2021 coming soon.

For anyone who have already booked flights and hotels: We will host a smaller alternative party at the original weekend. 5 bands, 4 DJ's! THE DIVIDED are still ready to roll and will perform in October! Fingers crossed! Local heroes HIGH SOCIETY and CHEAP STUFF are confirmed, JOHNNY WOLGA will play as well. 2 more bands t.b.c.! There will be a beer garden outside of the venue as planned and we will spend the whole proceeds of the 2-days fest to the venue Chemiefabrik as they also struggling with the C19 situation.

We hope you understand our decision and looking forward to see you in Dresden!



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