Band-Booking & Tour-Booking

We're doing the booking for a couple of other bands and organizing European tours for bands from all around the world! In recent years, we booked some successful tours for:

- Bishops Green (Oi! From Canada),

- Topnovil (Punk from Australia),

- RazorCut (Oi! From Australia),

- Last Seen Laughing (Oi! From Denmark),
- PennyCocks (Glam Punk from Catalonia),

- 45 Adapters (Oi! 'n'B from USA),
- Concrete Elite (HC/Oi! from Texas),
- Legion 76 (Oi! Tornado from Philly),

- etc......


For the near future we planned tours with

- Topnovil (Punk from Australia),
- Hardknocks (Oi! / Streetpunk aus USA).

- Legion 76 (Oi! from USA),
- Victory (Oi! from USA)

- Shandy (Bovver Glam Rock from Australia).


We're doing the booking for:

- Arthur and the Spooners (OI! / Punk / Ska from Berlin),
- High Society (Punk Rock from Saxonia).

- Strongbow (Punkrock from Dresden).



Band application and booking inquiries, please contact Master Brille: