THE YOUNG ONES / Classic Oi! from Maastricht/NL

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The Young Ones


NO Bollocks, JUST Oi! Just over a decade ago, four young skins from the deep south of the Netherlands, inspired by the classics of the eighties, decided to found their own Oi! band. Since none of the members had been born at the time of their favourite music, they called themselves THE YOUNG ONES!!! Their music sounded like Cockney Rejects, The Business and Blitz still ruled the British punk scene. In 2007 they decided to quit, but since 2015 they are back. They took Merijn (former singer of dutch legends Discipline)on board and soon an EP and now also an LP were recorded and various live shows were played! The boys grow older, their sound is still the same...pure, classic Oi!!! Surely they will put their nose in our business for a while!

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